Both sets of my grandparents lived on Garner Road on the north side of Beaumont, Texas. In fact; I have double-first cousins; that is, my father’s sister married my mother’s brother. Thus, my cousins and I shared the same sets of grandparents.

Growing up, we spent many Sundays and nearly every major holiday at one (or both) grandparents’ houses on Garner Road. We got to know the neighbors, and, while we sometimes got into trouble, it was a very comfortable, protected community.

In 2010, I was struck with the idea that certain parts of the Internet share the same comfortable feeling. While so many sites are fully of huge numbers of people, there remain little pockets of quiet and introspection. The people you hang out with there become like family: you rejoice with them, you argue with them, and sometimes you mourn with them.

This little podcast became a way for me to introduce those people to the rest of the world.

My family on Garner Road

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